How to Get a Sexy Six Pack Abs in a Week

Everyone wonders how to get a six pack abs within a week. Some people need it for showing it in a high school reunion or in a beach by next week. Good luck for those who are looking for a process on how to get a six pack in a week because the truth is you need to have dedication and consistent routine in order to build the perfect abs.


You will be disappointed in discovering that getting a six pack is impossible to achieve in a week. The fact is that in order to accomplish this quickly it will be incredibly difficult.

You have to make it large enough to be visibly seen and your body fat should be limited.


In short, while building the size of the abdominals you are also cutting the fat that covers them. Everyone has a six pack under the layers of fat in your midsection. Your goal is to show them up. It is impossible for you to have a six pack in a week if you are 20 pounds overweight and out of shape. First, you should lose weight at the midsection. While doing this you should also perform exercises to build up the muscles.


This process can be difficult for those who are out of shape. But if you really take time and have a regular routine then achieving a sexy stomach is not that incredibly difficult. All you need to do is watch your diet like eliminating fat-causing foods. While having a proper diet, doing aerobic activity in your workouts can you help achieve sexy abs. You should also insert abdominal exercises each week to see the best results. This is a plan for long term results that can be obtained and sustained and not only for getting a six pack in a week.


One must set his/her mind that you will just get disappointed if your goal is to strive to have that six pack in a week since this is really impossible. It takes a routine to develop the muscles in your abs. These muscles can be achieved in consistently eliminating the body fat and building abdominal muscles and the result is a flat stomach.


Therefore, eliminating body fat and building abdominal muscles are ingredients to sexy abs. Not all routines are equal but the combination of these two important ingredients can get you the abs you want.

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Lose Belly Fat & Get Six Pack Abs Exercises

Six Pack Abs in 30 Days

Everyone wants to learn how to get six pack abs quickly. Many people are desperate to have six packs and because of this most of them proceeds to spend more money on abdominal machines and pills but still did not get any best results.

1. Why Aren't The Pills And Exercise Machines Working?

Advertising companies of pills and abdominal machines are claiming that you could get a six pack as quickly as possible. But all of their claims are untrue since they all don't work. They only drive people further away to the true fundamentals of abs training which are exercises and diet. These factors should also be done properly and correctly.

The most important thing in achieving six pack abs is not taking any pills but to lose the layer of fat in your stomach by eating and exercising the right way. If you are very dedicated in achieving it, you will be successful in a couple of weeks.

2. What Is The Right Way To Get Six Pack Abs?

The right way to get a six pack abs is having a right diet. This should be the first thing you should examine if you want to stop having extra fats around your stomach. You have to know what you are eating, whether it is healthy or not. This is because what you put into your mouth will be the one building up your body. And when you have already removed those fatty foods out from your diet, make sure to see immediately your fat loss results.

3. What Are The Right Exercises To Get Six Pack Abs?

Once you're done fixing your diet, you will then have to get the right exercises. Interval training is an important exercise though compared to the cardio type wherein it involves longer hours of jogging on the treadmill. You should take intense exercise only for a few seconds then have interval training wherein you take a rest for a minute and then repeat again for about 10 minutes. This training is much more effective compared to the cardio type since it helps you more in raising your metabolism to burn out fat.

Now you know and learn the essentials of proper training and diet on how to get a six pack abs, start working today and in a few weeks you'll see the results yourself!

To learn more on how to get six pack abs, check out Vince Delmonte's Six Pack Abs Quest

How To Get Six Pack Abs ? Tips, Techniques And Secrets Exposed

There is no denying it. With all the current trends leaning towards the promotion of holistic health, everyone wants to lose the flabby midsection and just get into shape – the natural way. But the thing is: getting that sculpted musculature with that very desirable six pack abs is not as easy as it looks. True, there are a number of so-called fitness gurus who are proclaiming that they can give you the abs you want without all the hassle or the BS. But we all know that most (if not all) of their promises usually fall short of our expectations. If you really want to subscribe to tips on how to get six pack abs in a hurry, you might as well listen to other experts in the field, like those who practice medicine and nutrition. Here are some tips that you might want to try.

How to get six pack abs through a clean bill of health

Getting a clean bill of health is something most people never think of doing. Most of the time, people get into one fitness program or go on a diet without even consulting their health care providers. This practice only leads to one disappointment after the other. You do have to bear in mind that the human body is usually constituted in such a way that it remains distinctly unique from everyone else's. So, one technique on how to get six pack abs may work well for Tom, but does not have the same positive result with Dick, and even had adverse effects on Harry.

If you want the best way of getting that sculpted look, try to gain a clean bill of health first from your health care provider. If you have any underlying medical conditions, or taking any prescription medicines, try to address these issues first before moving forward with your plans for a leaner silhouette. A thorough check up can tell you your body's capabilities and limitations. From there, you can start working out details on how to improve or gain your exercise regimen. If you have a personal trainer, you may want to mention any medical condition (especially heart ailments) before finally deciding on your six pack routine.

How to get six pack abs through food and nutrition

Food should never be regarded as your enemy especially if you want your abs to have definition.  It is true that you might need to cut back on some calories to eliminate unwanted fats and cellulites from popping up in the wrong places. However, you would also need to gain the proper sustenance to get those muscles oiled up and good to go. If you must know, a high protein diet is usually no longer included in most how to get six pack abs list and recommendations. Protein helps build up muscle mass, but it is glucose that gives vigor to the muscles. The trend now is getting a more balanced meal, with emphasis on slow and fast energy releasing carbohydrates prior and after meals, respectively. Carbohydrates provide the glucose needed by the muscles.

6 Pack Abs Can Be Yours

What would you say if someone told you that you can have 6 pack abs? Would you believe them or would you think they were crazy? You should believe them. You should know that you can get a 6 pack no matter who you are or what your body looks like. Everyone has the potential to build a 6 pack.

All it takes it getting to understand what it takes to build a six pack, committing to it and getting moving in that direction. A six pack can be yours and it can happen sooner than you may expect.

Know What a 6 Pack Is

A 6 pack is the look that is achieved when the abdominal muscles are well defined and there is little fat in the belly area. This comes with a trim and fit body.

The 6 pack is made of the three sets of ab muscles and by having strong back muscles. In order to build a six pack you must reduce your belly fat and build up these core muscles. This is done through diet and exercise. You can not achieve a good 6 pack look without both building the muscles and reducing the fat.

Get Rid of the Fat

As mentioned you have to get rid of the fat. You want to reduce overall body fat and especially body fat in the stomach area. To do this you need to combine a good diet with aerobic exercise.

You should try to work out aerobically five times a week if you really want results. It is usually recommended to workout three times a week but fort maximum fat burn work out more often.

You also need to cut out all the bad things from your diet. Stop eating fat, sugar and salt. You should also lower carbs and try to stay within the recommended daily allowance. This should put you on the fast track to losing weight.

Work your Abs

You also need to work your ab muscles. You have to focus on working all three ab muscles and strengthening your back. Most people neglect their back but it is important because your back muscles support your abs and help keep them tight.

A great exercise to work your back and abs at the same time is the plank. To do the plank you get in a push up position and lower your body so your forearms are resting on the floor. You hold this position while keeping your stomach tight and your body in a straight line. It is hard, but effective.

6 pack abs can be yours alright but it will take hard work, determination and motivation to get you to your goal. You will need all the support you can get.

How to Get a Six Pack Abs - Learn the Most Effective Ab Workouts and Exercises

Click here: Are you ever going to get a six pack abs? Do you know that most popular ab workouts & abs exercises are actually least effective when it comes to getting a flat six pack abs? Find out how to get a six pack quickly.

Truth About Six Pack Abs - Revealed

Look at yourself lately and realized that you weren't as fit as you were before? Then you must have also noticed that the abs you once had have also disappeared. The truth about six pack abs is that they won't stay forever, not unless you keep up the same exercise you did before. But that was then and of course, life is a lot busier now. You might have also forgotten the same healthy habits that you had before and that could have also contributed to you losing your abs. So perhaps you are wondering what can be done now that you are beyond your "teenage" years. The truth about six pack abs is that you can get them back through exercise and using a proper program. However, if you haven't been exercising in a while, this might seem a lot harder on you than on people who continuously keep their exercise routines as well as their healthy diets. So where does one begin? At the gym, of course! The truth about six pack abs is that everyone wants to have them. As such, one look at the machines in your local gym and you will immediately see just how many machines there are that are dedicated to working out your abdominal area. Just goes to show how many people are interested in getting the coveted six pack.

There are exercises as well such as sit ups that were designed to tone your abdominal area. But the truth about six pack abs is that exercise alone is not enough to get you the abs you want. You would also need a good program, one that would be able to aid you on your way to achieving your goals. A complete change in lifestyle would also help a lot. If you have become quite dependent on fast food and have been feasting on smoothies and all things fattening then you need to stop and do a 180. Change your diet and you will immediately see changes. Though not in your abdominal area just yet because you see, the truth about six pack abs is that no one would be able to achieve them in a few weeks after you started the program. It does take time and a lot of effort as well as discipline from you to follow through what you have started.

With the help of a good and effective program, you would be able to get settled in a routine. Routines are good because once you continuously do them, you get used to the idea and it becomes natural for you. In this case, that would be exercise and eating healthier. Not only would this help you achieve the abs you want, but in the long run it would also make you a healthier person which is really the most important thing here and should be your first priority. In some cases, people go on diets in order to lose weight thinking that if they do lose weight, they would also be able to get six pack abs. But that is not the case; in fact, doing something like that would hinder you more instead of actually helping you. So, remember regular exercise and a good and proven program are the best and healthiest ways towards achieving six pack abs.

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Fitness Made Simple SIX PACK ABS

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Guaranteed 6 Pack Abs Workout - the Shocking Truth About 6 Pack Abs Exercises

According to a recent study by, many 6 pack ab exercises are indeed a waste of your time and energy. So in this article, you'll learn which 6 pack abs workouts are worth your time and energy and another critical piece of advice you should know if you're ever going to see those sexy 6 pack abs show through.

To cut a long story short let's look at the what this survey brought back in terms of the least effective ab workout routines:

In last place, was using an ab rocker, closely followed by ab rollers and more suprisingly for some people, ab crunches.

Although we've been saying it for years, many people are led to believe that these ab workout equipment and methods are supposed to produce the best results.

It's no wonder so many people are still slogging it at the gym and still going to bed with that spare band of ugly fat around their midrift.

What came out on top of the best ab workouts?

According to the same study, the most effective ab workouts were, in 3rd place, exercise balls, 2nd place captain's chair and in first place was...

The Bicyle Maneuver.

However, the study went on to explain that you don't need to purchase expensive equipment in order to get 6 pack abs , you simply need to know the right foods to eat, when to eat them and what types of other exercises you need to incorporate into your week in order to see results.

In fact, the Doctors involved in the study actually stated that a variety of specific exercises will prove to be the most effective in a) losing weight and b) forming well toned 6 pack abs.

So, before you rush away to find a guaranteed 6 pack abs workout, you should understand that in order to see yourself with a 6 pack anytime soon, you need to know what's going in along with what's being burned off.


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Fastest Way to Get Six Pack Abs

Nowadays, having a strong and sexy abs is the craze of everyone. And take note that it is declared as the sexiest physical feature. Now, everyone is after anything that is the latest and greatest to get that six pack abs. There are a lot of choices to choose from whether it's the newest way to do sit up or new revolutionary way to use a wheel or a new machine that strains the abs even while sleeping. Everyone is seeking the best and fastest way to get a six pack abs. However, the answer to getting a six pack abs remains the same.

Everyone should know that we all have six pack in our abs. However, on most of us it is not visible. So, the fastest way to get a six pack is to show them up. You must eliminate the fat that covers the existing muscle so that it makes your hidden abs appear and visible. Those body fats must be cut for you to get that sexy abs. This can be done by changing your diet meaning eating the right kind foods. Along with having a proper diet is adding aerobic exercises to your schedules. And lastly combine these two with increasing abdominal muscle mass through weight lifting exercises.

In your workout routines, you should have a combination of strength training and aerobics in order to get a six pack abs. Body fat can be cut by aerobic exercise. This will remove the layers of fat that covers the midsection. In order to increase the size of the abdominals, you should perform strength training. This will make them appear and look them better. In combining these two exercises, it can help get you a six pack the fastest way.

Many ways can be done on both of these exercises. Aerobic exercise should be included whether it is running, swimming, or cycling. In strength training, any form of it must be included as long as it does improve your muscle mass. Keep in mind that body fat will burned by muscles. And adding more muscles can eliminate body fat easier.

If you really want to have a six pack, then you must follow the outlined formula. You have to know the best ways to do both which is increasing abdominal muscle size and reducing amount of fat at the midsection. You can also see Six Pack Exercises to find out more on these exercises.


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Rock Hard Abs

Rock Hard Abs

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Six Pack Abs, Six Pack Abs Workout

Discover how to get six pack abs with this six pack abs workout For more great resources visit the sites below The internet's # 1fat loss training and nutrition website http Visit the top fat loss blog for ground breaking ways to burn stomach fat

Lower Abs exercise to get six pack abs

Tone your lower abs at home using chairs to build six pack abs - See more six pack abs exercises at

Diet For 6 Pack Abs - Diet Tips to Get Perfect Abs

Contrary to popular belief, the most important thing you can possibly do to have perfect 6 pack abs is not just thousands of crunches. In fact, it's not even endless stomach exercises or special machines bought from late night TV commercials.  The best thing you can do to start to show perfect 6 pack abs is control your diet.

What about all of those models doing hundreds of ab exercises each day?

Most of the time, ab exercises alone won't get you the washboard stomach that you're looking for. While there are some fantastic ab exercises that will build muscle in your stomach, they won't give you the look of the 6 pack that you're looking for.  In order to have that 6 pack look, you need to reduce your body fat, and this is best

done through good dieting.

So what kinds of foods are best for a 6 pack?

There are several different foods that can be absolutely great to help you achieve sexy 6 pack abs.

Egg Whites

Egg whites are a low calorie, high protein low fat breakfast that give you lots of energy and nutrients and keep you full for hours without needing to load up on useless calories that will end up making you fatter. I eat them almost every morning, and sometimes throw them in for a dinner meal if I'm in a rush and don't feel like cooking a bigger meal.

Chicken Breast

Boneless skinless chicken breasts are the staple of any good dieters meal program.  They're low in fat, high in protein, and full of great nutrients. As long as you don't cover them in unhealthy sugar filled sauces or fry them in fatty cooking oil, eating them with at least one meal a day will help you feel full and help you trim the fat so you can have those sexy abs.


Fish, like chicken breast is absolutely the best source of animal protein available.  As long as you don't bread it and fry it, it's actually better than chicken breasts.  This is because fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids which have been proven to help people lose weight as well as lower bad cholesterol.

Broccoli and green veggies.

If you're trimming body fat to have perfect abs, green vegetables should be on your plate at every meal. They are full of fiber, vitamin c, and plenty of other nutrients that help cut the fat. Because they are full of fiber and low in calories, they are also a great snack to help you get through your day. Even if you don't love them,

don't overlook them if you want a healthy way to get 6 pack abs.

While exercise will help you build the muscles in your stomach, it is so important to control your diet so that you cut your stubborn body fat. If you Diet for 6 Pack Abs, you will see them quicker than you could imagine.

Six-pack Abs

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The Secrets of How to Get 6 Pack Abs Most Body Builders Do in Just 3 Months

I recently have had an opportunity reading the forum and found a very common question regarding how to get 6 pack abs. Many people still wonder why getting 6 pack abs seems to be a hard way and really difficult to get it even if they try to control amount of food on every meal.

However, training abdominal muscle everyday or taking supplement in Fat-Burner group still gives them a dissatisfy result of getting 6 pack abs.

Firstly you must know the fact of what basic process we should be done to get 6 pack abs in order to do a correct training and get the best result quickly as possible.

Abdominal Muscle Size Building

This means an enlargement size of abdominal muscle in each pack. So you will have a bigger size of abs muscle pack. Though you have not reduced amount of excess fat on your abs, you still can see each pack of abdominal muscle.

This approach of size enlargement will help you increase groove depth in between each pack once you have already been in fat burning workout routine. Here are 7 proven tips to follow:

Intensively train your abdominal muscle by increasing cast iron weight instead of increasing number of times
Choose the exercise that particularly builds specific size areas; such as Incline Sit-Up with Weight, Dumbbell Seated Leg Raise, Machine Crunch, Cable Crunch, Dumbbell Side Bend.
Use low Reps or between 10 - 15 reps/set
To build abdominal muscle size, you need to add calorie in the same way of building other main muscles
Don't worry with your waistline that increases. It will be gradually reduced during your Lose-Fat Program
Exercise on your abdominal muscle only 1-2 times each week
Assign program of abdominal muscle size enlargement at least 3 months (12 Weeks)

Abdominal Muscle Definition Building

This means burning fat on waistline area while training on small abdominal pack muscle. Here are 6 proven tips to follow:

Take 4 exercises on abdominal muscle based on 4 different areas of muscle: Top, Bottom, Left/Right and Bottom Back muscle
Training style should be a slow movement manner that emphasize to specific portion of muscle that exercise throughout
Use higher Reps or between 30 - 50 reps/set
Do aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes per day
Do not train abdominal muscle everyday. It is suggested that you should train one day and take a rest on another day. Too much training will make your abs look flat in stead of resulting a distinct 6 pack abs
Reduce amount of food in each meal in order to make your stomach size down. This will result in a smaller waistline.

This article gives you the secret of how to get 6 pack abs in the same way most body builders do. If you seriously follow an effective instruction given in this article, you will soon get 6 pack abs by a matter of months with a very attractive look.

Best Exercises For Six Pack Abs Workout

One of the few ways to lose belly fat and get your six pack abs is through the use of exercises, to even make it work best you should follow it up with a proper diet to make it more effective. Doing exercises will increase the rate at which your body consumes its stored energy and be able to put it into use when there is need for any energetic activities. When your body is at work, sweat is discharged for the cooling down of your body when it's in a vigorous activity.

Most people wish to own a sexy slim sculpted body, but our modern lifestyles is one the setbacks to achieving a nice figure. The combination of dieting and exercises for six pack abs is the most favorable way to lose weight fast and also have a chance to keep it off, if you continue to do the exercises.

You need to bear in mind that doing exercises only to lose weight isn't sufficient enough. I suggest you supplement your exercises with a proper dieting. It shouldn't be a diet that is meant to keep you starving. Let it be one that will work with your body metabolism and also involves calorie shifting techniques.

Performing workouts for weight loss together with a proper dieting and alternative your calories frequently is a double way to burn off too much fat. As you exercises and change your habit of eating, it's likely that you would burn off stored fat.

You need a lot of motivation if you must look slim, the amount of effort you put into it matters. Though it's difficult to maintain it when you feel you are stressing yourself.

Below are some of the best exercises you can do at home for your six pack abs. It include both aerobic and strength training exercises which you can easily do at your own leisure.

Squatting: The biggest muscles in your body are your leg muscles and buttocks. Whenever you wake up in the morning, come in front of the mirror, place your feet at your shoulder while facing forward, then begin to squat down and up for about 20 to 30 times, repeat this for 2 or 3 consecutive period. This works in helping to lose the fat surrounding your leg. If you gain more power, try raising 5 pounds of dumbbells with your hands as you work out. Do not hesitate to halt the exercises but if you experience any unusual pain at your knees, take a break.

Pushups: it's a kind of exercise done to gain strength especially when you wake up in the morning. When you begin to do pushups, note that your arms should hold up to 80% of the mass of your body. Perform about 10 to 20 pushups for 3 times one after the other.

Jumping jacks: it is a simple aerobic exercise which you can perform in the comfort of your home or anywhere you feel comfortable to do it. Perform up to 20 jumping jakes, after the first set is over do it again for another 2-3 times while still maintaining the 20 jumping jakes per set. I don't recommend you doing it in a storey building or apartment when you know you could disturb the peace of your neighbors, try doing it outside.

Quick walking: walking is one the coolest exercises you can do to lose body fat, but I tell you if you can increase the intensity of your walking by moving fast you will lose even more fat than when you are doing normal walking. Before you begin your normal usual walking, do stretch out and complement it with warm up before embarking on walking. As soon as you increase your walking speed, attempt to keep that rate as much as you are able to. When you are exhausted, try to do longer periods of quick walking and after that you do short periods of slow walking.

Stepping: it is one the ways you can use to burn calories. One of the ways to do this is to use the stairs you've got at home. But if you need a faster result, buy stackable step mats; stack it up to 15 inches. Start by doing 2 to 3 sets of 20 steps.

Truth About Six Pack Abs is an Online Six Pack Abs Program which contains all the simple exercises; how to do them, when and the duration to them and the diets you should eat and other useful information you require to get your six pack abs. It has helped thousands of people from around the world get their six pack abs through the service they offer. Look no further for your six pack abs but at

Six Pack Abs Truth

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Six Pack Abs - 3 Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

If you are working out to develop six pack abs then you need to be aware of the three biggest mistakes described in this article and avoid them at all cost!

First, you need to understand the difference between getting six pack abs and simply losing body fat. Getting six pack abs is a all about having extremely low levels of body fat. For men this is around 8% and for women around 15%. Training and eating to get body fat levels this low is much different than someone who just starts a diet and wants to lose 20-30lbs.

If you are just trying to lose a lot of weight, then making small changes to your diet will help you make a lot of progress very fast. For example, if you were to only drink water, unsweetened iced tea, and green tea, then you will not be consuming any calories from beverages. For someone who just wants to lose weight, a small modification such as this can make a big difference.

For someone who wants to get six pack abs, the process is much more detailed. Here are two mistakes that most people make when they try to develop six pack abs.

Six Pack Abs Mistake #1: They try to do too many crunches and ab exercises.

While crunches and other ab exercises will help to build a stronger core, they will not help you get down to a low level of body fat. Trying to use endless reps of ab exercises simply does not build enough muscle or work your body hard enough to burn significant calories.

The myth of "spot" reduction is where a lot of people get caught up. The concept of spot reduction basically states that if you want to lose fat in a certain part of the body you should work the muscle underneath it. Our bodies do not store fat in one specific place, therefore you cannot lose fat in one specific place either.

I guarantee you will never see someone who has six pack abs in the front and is flabby around the rest of their midsection. If spot reduction actually worked this is what would happen. In the real world however, you need to focus on losing body fat all over in order to developing six pack abs.

Six Pack Abs Mistake #2: Trying to use infomercial ab gimmicks

When you see an advertisement for an "miracle" piece of ab equipment, the people who are using them usually have great bodies, low body fat, and a great six pack. However I can guarantee you one thing, and that is they did not get that way to using one single piece of abdominal exercise equipment.

Like we just talked about with why lots of crunches do not help you get six pack abs, the same holds true for any ab crunch machine or anything else you see on an advertisement.

This all goes back to the false concept that working the abs with lots of exercises will directly lead to a six pack. All the people who have the best abs got them by exercising their whole body and by adhering to a very strict diet. Not by using some ab crunch gimmick for "two easy payments of $29.95." Six Pack Abs Mistake #3: Eating too many calories.

Sounds overly simplistic doesn't it?

This is one of the most important core concepts that is crucial to understanding how to lose body fat and develop six pack abs. So many people try to eat healthy and still have trouble losing weight. Sometimes they think they have something physiologically wrong with them and their bodies simply cannot lose weight.

Before you fall into this trap and start seeking "miracle" quick fixes, you need to know that not being able to lose body fat is simply a matter of taking in too many calories. If you try keeping a food journal for a week and counting the calories you consume you will be amazed at the insight it will give you.

Even if you eat 400 extra calories a day from little snacks here and there (which is not difficult at all), you will be taking in an extra 2,800 calories per week. For some people, taking in an extra 500-1000 calories per day can easily come from foods that are extremely calorie dense but do not help you feel full. Such foods include bagels, donuts, muffins, potato chips, soda, any kind of fast food, and more.

So before you think that getting six pack abs or simply losing body fat is impossible for you, try taking a few days to really track what you are eating. You will be surprised that losing weight can really be as simple as cutting out small calories dense foods from your diet.

A wise man once said that having sexy six pack abs feels better than the best tasting food in the world. Remember this concept and start taking action today. Good luck.
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Tips on Turning 4 Pack Abs Into 6 Pack Abs

Turning 4 pack abs into 6 pack abs can be difficult and frustrating.  Especially when you're not sure how to do it.  So, what I'm going to do is share with you some tips on turning 4 pack abs into 6 pack abs.  That way, you will be able to have some washboard abs that people will notice.

The tips on turning a 4 pack into a 6 pack are:

1.  Ab workouts.  The first way to get 6 pack abs is to train them.  There are some exercises that will help you get them faster.  Some of the exercises that you can do to get abs include leg lifts, knee raises, full crunches, cable crunches, and incline situps.

Doing these exercises will help work your upper and lower abs, which will help you get a 6 pack.

2.  Eating healthy and frequently.  Another tip on turning 4 pack abs into 6 pack abs is to eat healthy and frequently.  Eating certain foods will help you burn belly fat, which will help you get a 6 pack.  Some foods to eat are lean meats and fish, nuts, red apples, dark green veggies, whole wheat breads, yogurt, and cottage.

Also, make sure you drink at least 8 cups of water and one cup of green tea every day.

3.  Cardio exercises.  Doing cardio exercises will also help you burn fat off your belly.  This will help turn your 4 pack into a 6 pack.  Some cardio exercises you should do include participating in a fitness class, jogging, swimming, and riding your bike.

These are some tips on turning 4 pack abs into 6 pack abs.  If you are serious about getting a 6 pack, be sure to use the tips above.  Also, make sure you stay consistent with your efforts.  It'll pay off big time.  Especially when people start to take notice of your abs.

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Do 8-Pack Abs Really Exist?

Are 8-pack abs a myth or magic? You may want to know if it's really soon after you acquire your 6-pack abs. But the first question you need to ponder on is, is there any difference between a 6-pack abs and an 8-pack abs?

Before you start counting on the number of packs, think that an 8-pack abs is actually a super defined 6-pack abs. If you cannot see any difference between the two, as there exists but only so subtle, remember that an 8-pack abs will give you physical advantages not available to those having a 6-pack abs.

The eight pack of an 8-pack abs can be found in the lower abdomen just below the six pack and it is actually a midsection that is lean and well-toned.

While both eight pack and six pack compose the rectus abdominus muscle group, it is the tendons that separate and distinguish each from the other.

Unfortunately, not all gentlemen are endowed with a gift of further achieving an eight pack. Genetics plays a main role in getting an 8-pack abs and will serve as a final arbiter if a 6-pack abs is all that you can make. There are some signs that manifest if you have the genes for achieving an 8-pack abs. See if the tendons of your lower abdomen are still large ad taut and if they are you may be lucky to further develop that pay of your abdomen for an 8-pack abs.

People who are consuming terrible portions of fat, sugar, and alcohol won't be getting either of the 6-pack abs or 8-pack backs. It goes to show that only the determined and the disciplined ones will be getting them.

If you have worked your way out to achieve a 6-pack abs through rigorous exercise and a strict diet, developing an 8-pack abs also consists of the same mechanism: tone up muscles and lose fats.

The twofold tasks can be accomplished with having a low fat, low sugar diet, weight training, and cardiovascular exercise. It sounds similar to getting a 6-pack abs but reaching to the other level is difficult and can even be frustrating sometimes.

Your diet should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and poultry, fresh fish, sufficient fiber, and lots of water.

Aside from the aerobic cardiovascular exercises, you will also need to incorporate 20-30 minutes of cardio exercises into your daily routine. It is okay to be persistent but don't tire yourself by adding another 30 minutes extra.

Free weight training also helps in burning fat and building muscle through elevating your body temperature. It is important that exercises should focus on your midsection when you're doing your abdominal routine. Do exercise with high resistant and low reps to make your abdominal muscles grow and eliminate fats.

An 8-pack abs is yours to achieve given the following formula: good genes, proper diet, and abdominal exercises that focus on the midsection.

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