Guaranteed 6 Pack Abs Workout - the Shocking Truth About 6 Pack Abs Exercises

According to a recent study by, many 6 pack ab exercises are indeed a waste of your time and energy. So in this article, you'll learn which 6 pack abs workouts are worth your time and energy and another critical piece of advice you should know if you're ever going to see those sexy 6 pack abs show through.

To cut a long story short let's look at the what this survey brought back in terms of the least effective ab workout routines:

In last place, was using an ab rocker, closely followed by ab rollers and more suprisingly for some people, ab crunches.

Although we've been saying it for years, many people are led to believe that these ab workout equipment and methods are supposed to produce the best results.

It's no wonder so many people are still slogging it at the gym and still going to bed with that spare band of ugly fat around their midrift.

What came out on top of the best ab workouts?

According to the same study, the most effective ab workouts were, in 3rd place, exercise balls, 2nd place captain's chair and in first place was...

The Bicyle Maneuver.

However, the study went on to explain that you don't need to purchase expensive equipment in order to get 6 pack abs , you simply need to know the right foods to eat, when to eat them and what types of other exercises you need to incorporate into your week in order to see results.

In fact, the Doctors involved in the study actually stated that a variety of specific exercises will prove to be the most effective in a) losing weight and b) forming well toned 6 pack abs.

So, before you rush away to find a guaranteed 6 pack abs workout, you should understand that in order to see yourself with a 6 pack anytime soon, you need to know what's going in along with what's being burned off.