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Melody Of Life

Melody Of Life

Six Pack Abs Exercises - How to Get Six Pack Abs This abdominal training video contains the 3 single best ab exercises I know. These abdominal exercises will get you six pack abs. If you can do them, you'll get six pack abs. No doubt. They're hard enough your abs will have no choice but to adapt and turn into a powerhouse six pack. If you've been wanting a six pack for a while but find crunch, crunch, and more crunches don't yield the six pack you want, try these abdominal exercises and let me know how they word for you. To help you get six pack abs, I give away a free beginner abdominal training program on my website, The program also comes with a free beginner course. Go to my website, try them out, and let me know how your abs are doing. To your six pack success, -Carl Juneau

Tracey Staehle's CoreBlast DVD

  • Core / Ab workout from Tracey Staehle, released April 2007
  • Beginner to Advanced Level (modifications shown for beginner level)
  • Filled with a variety of fresh exercises, equipment options & challenge modifications
  • 45 minutes

Product Description
This 45 minutes workout takes core training to a whole new level. You will stand, sit, lie down (prone & supine) and feel great afterwards. You determine the length of your workout! Mix the exercises to create the ultimate challege for your mid section. Super-sizzling or short and sweet -- you control the custom fit. Equipment used includes a step, stability ball, and dumb bell. Optional equipment (modifications shown without) inlcude a foam roller, med ball, and BO... More >>

Tracey Staehle's CoreBlast DVD

Fax Me

Fax Me

How To Get Six Pack Abs Workout Routine 1

How To Get Six Pack Abs Workout Routine 5 Facts You MUST Understand if You Are Ever Going to Lose Your Belly Fat and Get Six Pack Abs 1. Many so-called "health foods" are actually cleverly disguised junk foods that actually stimulate you to gain more belly fat... yet the diet food marketing industry continues to lie to you so they can maximize their profits. 2. Ab exercises like crunches, sit-ups, and ab machines are the LEAST effective method of getting flat six pack abs. We'll explore what types of exercises REALLY work in a minute. 3. Boring repetitive cardio exercise routines are NOT the best way to lose body fat and uncover those six pack abs. I'll show you the exact types of unique workouts that produce 10x better results below. 4. You DON'T need to waste your money on expensive "extreme fat burner" pills (that don't work) or other bogus supplements. A special class of natural foods is much more effective. I'll tell you about these natural foods and their powers below. 5. Ab belts, ab-rockers, ab-loungers, and other infomercial ab-gimmicks... they're all a complete waste of your time and money. Despite the misleading infomercials, the perfectly chiseled fitness models in the commercials did NOT get their perfect body by using that "ab contraption"... they got their perfect body through REAL workouts and REAL nutrition strategies. Again, you'll learn some of their secrets and what really works below. For more six pack abs tips, visit http

Take Me Away

Take Me Away

How To Get Six Pack Abs with Jean-Jacques Barrett & Vince DelMonte

Discover How To Build Muscle at Discover How To Get Six Pack Abs at http This Is TheSite That Includes The Most Powerful & Effective Fat Loss Training Workouts. You Are Guaranteed To Lose Up to 3.8 Pounds Of Body Fat Each & Every Week Until You Have Six Pack Abs. To Get A Selection Of Weight Training Workouts, Meal Plans & Cardio Plans, Visit Our Site More six pack abs workout video coming soon. Want to build muscle instead? Visit my ...

How To Get Six Pack Abs Quick

Grab My Six Pack Abs Program Right Now at Want to Build Muscle Instead? Grab My Muscle Building Program Right Now at http Do you want to get six pack abs fast? To get six pack abs quick, it's going to be a result of more than the right exercises, diet and workout. Watch this video to figure out how to get six pack abs. Subscribe now to get my latest six pack abs workout video.

Six-pack abs are achieved with birddog exercise

In order to develop a good six-pack, a strong inner core is a must. The birddog is one exercise you can do to strengthen your inner core and help keep the stomach area nice and tight.

Tips on Quickly Get Six Pack Abs

Willing to know how to get six pack abs fast? Then follow two simple steps. One, strengthen your abdominal muscles, and then lose your body fat. Sounds simple, but both muscle strengthening and losing fat are definitely hard to do. But if you really desire to have six pack abs, then you will have to put in more willpower, patience and dedication.

Nowadays there's just plenty of information from different references around us. When you get to read some articles or books about getting sexy abs, the most common tips are about building up abdominal muscles, losing fats and proper diet. These are the basics to be followed by people who desire to have six pack abs.

Aside from the basic advice that we get, there are still some other tips that are helpful for you to learn on how to get a six pack.

First, have motivation to take action for your goal. There are two ways to start on, whether you choose workouts that you enjoy, or you learn to enjoy the exercises that you choose. Keep in mind that you get to have two kinds of benefits, the immediate and the long term. You have to learn to recognize your achieved benefits as results of your fitness plan.

Second, a journal may be used to record your daily activities for your goal. A good example is a spiral notebook since its pages remain in proper order. You scan your entries once a week. Through this you can see your progress.

Third, since some people choose to change lifestyle gradually while some want it immediately, then you need to decide which from both is what you really want. Stick to your decision and follow your daily plan to achieve your goal.

Fourth, take several photos of your abdominal area as you begin your activities. Then take again every four weeks. It is not possible to see changes in days only. And as you follow your plan, you will recognize changes as weeks go by and as you compare those pictures.

Fifth, if you will weigh yourself everyday in a week, don't get disappointed when you see that you're weight is not decreasing. This is because you are building muscles and these are adding your weigh more than the fat you are losing. And also the water your body retains varies and will affect your total body weight.

Sixth, never skip meals and eat only 5-6 small meals a day with one serving, not larger than your palm, of each carbs and protein. This will help regulate your metabolism.

Seventh, use only the medicine balls to add weight during routines and the stability balls for a variety of crunches.

Lastly, do passive exercises if you don't have much fat to lose. An example would be clenching your stomach while sitting down, or even when you walk towards the door. Try these habits and you'll be surprised for the results.

To learn more on how to get six pack abs, check out Vince Delmonte's Six Pack Abs Quest

Leisa Hart's Hardcore Abs

Product Description
IN STOCK! Video fitness superstar Leisa Hart (over 5 million DVDs sold) shares her secrets acquired over 25 years to a brand new ab workout, designed to strengthen, tone, and flatten your abs. Unique oblong shape challenges abs like never before with intense ab toning, sexy six pack definition, back strengthening & massaging. Includes a bonus bun firming & toning section.... More >>

Leisa Hart's Hardcore Abs

Time Is Ticking Away

Time Is Ticking Away

High Energy

High Energy

Five Pitfalls to Avoid in Achieving Six Pack Abs

Every guy I know strives to get a six pack of abs at least once in his life.  Achieving the six pack can be a never ending battle and often a very frustrating one.  The answer to the question how can I get a six pack of abs has eluded most men and women for what seems an eternity.  Part of the problem is that for every fitness guru you ask you will probably get just as many different answers.  How can you tell what the truth is and what is hype.  This article can help.

I listed 5 areas that advertisers and marketing experts use to draw those of us that are unsuspecting and desparate to try anything to achieve those elusive abs.  We all want to have that trim waist and those rippling abdominals.  Isn't that why you are reading this?  Here some pitfalls to avoid in your quest for the six pack:

1. Many so-called "health foods" are actually cleverly disguised junk foods that actually stimulate you to gain more belly fat... yet the diet food marketing industry continues to lie to you so they can maximize their profits.

2. Ab exercises like crunches, sit-ups, and ab machines are the LEAST effective method of getting flat six pack abs.

3. Boring repetitive cardio exercise routines are NOT the best way to lose body fat and uncover those six pack abs.

4. You DON'T need to waste your money on expensive "extreme fat burner" pills (that don't work) or other bogus supplements. A special class of natural foods is much more effective.

5. Ab belts, ab-rockers, ab-loungers, and other infomercial ab-gimmicks... they're all a complete waste of your time and money. Despite the misleading infomercials, the perfectly chiseled fitness models in the commercials did NOT get their perfect body by using that "ab contraption"... they got their perfect body through REAL workouts and REAL nutrition strategies.

Advertisers spend millions of dollars to promote the products mentioned above.  It is so easy for us to fall for their claims, which are often over-exaggerated.  Don't let yourself be sold on these false claims.  You will only be disappointed in the end. 

Amy Bento's Abs and Stretch DVD

  • Advanced level workout by popular fitness instructor Amy Bento
  • This workout includes four 15-minute segments; do them individually as workout add-ons, or do them all at once for an intense hour-long routine
  • Intermediate to Advanced Level
  • Increase flexibility and totally reshape your abdominal region
  • Equipment used: stability ball, light dumbbells, Resistance band

Product Description
In this workout you are getting four different 15-minute segments. Two are dedicated to the abdominals and two are dedicated to increasing flexibility through floor stretches. Amy encourages you to mix and match as you feel appropriate - add some extra abs after one of her other workouts for a powerful gut-buster. The choice is yours. Amys exercises are easy to follow and you don't have to get into a pretzel pose to do any of these stretches. Amy keeps this simple a... More >>

Amy Bento's Abs and Stretch DVD

The Wrong Six Pack Abs Workout

What is a good six pack workout?

I don't know about you but if you are anything like me, I had allot of trouble for years trying to get a good six pack workout! The one thing I have found that really makes a huge difference in obtaining some six pack abs is INTENSITY IN YOUR WORKOUT...period!

Obviously, there are some other elements that come into a good six pack workout, but for me personally I have found that I started to see the best results when I included high intensity into my workout.

Here are some common mistakes I was making with my workouts

I wasn't warming up properly, what I mean is I wasn't getting my heart rate up to a high level. I would cycle maybe run but at a very passive rate. Now, I warm up for ten minutes and it is at a very high impact level of INTENSITY! When you have a good foundation to work from the results will come a lot faster. This is definitely one issue you need to address if you want a good six pack workout!

I wasn't following a proven plan that WORK'S! I only really use to do a few sit ups and expect to see my abs? What was I thinking? Anyhow, I started to follow a proven plan that consisted of full light weight training over the whole body. Once I started to understand the fundamentals of weight loss around the mid-section I begun to see FAT DROPPING OFF and shape setting in. You must work all muscle groups to gain the best results!

As far as my Diet goes, I would figure that because I was working out I could eat anything I really wanted and it wouldn't matter...'Wrong again'. Having a good six pack workout is a system of 3 different parts all working together to produce a desired product! Without one of the parts you find it very difficult to achieve your goal.

I soon discovered that because my diet wasn't changing a lot, my results were very poor. Basically I was putting to much sugar into my diet, too many carbs and poor protein! Now I watch what I eat and have found that I feel 100 times better? The healthy food I am pumping into my body has changed everything. I have more energy for the gym, my thought pattern is sharper and I am happy.

These are some of the major factors in getting a good six pack workout. There is a lot more to it but these facts are the basic picture of what it takes to get 6 pack abs.

The Quickest And Most Guaranteed Way To Get Six Pack Abs Fast

To get six pack abs fast, what's it that you are first going to need to do? If you answered that you have to lose belly fat first, then you are already on your way to getting those ripped six pack abs! Listen, the common misconception most have when it comes to getting a six pack is simply that all you have to do is crunches and other ab exercises. Ab exercises build ab muscles....not remove the fat on top of those ab muscles. Take 2 minutes to read this article here to learn how you can get six pack abs fast!

I'm going to get right to it. The quickest way to lose your belly fat is to focus on proper nutrition, build lean muscle, and do high intensity cardio. When you build lean muscle and intensify your cardio, the rate at which you'll burn fat off is greatly increased. However, no matter what you do on the exercise side of things, no of it will matter if you are not getting proper nutrition. So make sure you have a good customized diet plan to help you with the nutrition you need based off your body type.

With building lean muscle, I highly recommend for you to focus more on doing compound exercises. Compound exercises are exercises that involve large muscle groups and involves more than one muscle group at a time. Examples of compound exercises are squats, dead lifts, lunges, bench press.

With high intensity cardio, I recommend for you to do sprinting and the incline treadmill. Both exercises can be done in 15-20 minutes per session. Those types of exercises will remove the most body fat so that you can get six pack abs fast.

Variety Pack! SIX ESPN EXERCISE VIDEOS - Step Aerobics - Arms & Chest - Hips & Buns - Circuit Workout - 6 Pack Abs - Complete Aerobics

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These are SIX new videos still sealed in cellophane, never opened! Over 4 HOURS of Workout videos!! Normal VHS video format. Follow any of these videos 3 times a week to achieve noticeable and satisfying results #1) ESPN STEP AEROBICS VIDEO - Hosted by ESPNs Joel Greco, Nancy Popp, Pepper Von and Tracy York. Nobody gives you a better step workout than the ESPN Fitness Pros! Run time 50 minutes. #2) ESPN ARMS, CHEST & SHOULDERS Workout Video - Hosted by the cast of B... More >>

Variety Pack! SIX ESPN EXERCISE VIDEOS - Step Aerobics - Arms & Chest - Hips & Buns - Circuit Workout - 6 Pack Abs - Complete Aerobics

10 Minute Solution: Blast Off Belly Fat

10 Minute Solution: Blast Off Belly Fat

The ABS Diet 6-Minute Meals for 6-Pack ABS

The ABS Diet 6-Minute Meals for 6-Pack ABS

Week 16 To Six Pack Abs Challenge Part 4

My journey to get six pack abs. Im now on week 4 i see slight changes. Rip Chris Henry. Cincinatti Bengals wide reciever Chris Henry died.

The Best Core Workout For Six Pack Abs

Discover How To Build Muscle and Get Six Pack Abs at Learn the best core strength exercises and core stability exercises. These are also excellent lower back exercises to add to your core workouts and overall core strengthening. Find Out The 5 WORST Things you Can Do If You Want To Build Muscle & Get Six Pack Abs By Visiting The Link Below

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6 Pack, ABS Tent Pegs, Durable, Non Slip Hook, Rustproof.... More >>

Coleman 830D309T 6 Pack ABS 9" Tent Pegs

The HULK Workout for six pack abs!

This powerful but simple workout you can do at home will give you six pack abs like the HULK!!! It is super affective and the workout will only take 6 minutes. Peter Carvell used this exact workout to help me get a six pack and lose over 100lbs in just a few short months. brings you this amazing abs workout that will get you ripped extreamly fast!If you want eye popping six pack abs then this is the workout for you!

Six Pack Abs Workout For Sexy and Firm Abs

If you want to get yourself sexy and firm six pack abs you must do correct ab workouts. This does not only mean that the ab workout will shed off the excess stomach fat right away, rather you must constantly do it in order to achieve a sexier, firm and flat abdomen. Therefore ab workouts are vital in your six pack abs plan.

The easiest method to do shed of stomach fat is to integrate ab workout into your daily routine. Fitness specialists recommend 4-5 times weekly to get your ab muscles more stimulated. Ab workouts should not take more than 10 - 30 minutes a-day therefore I don't find it hard to do them regularly.

Avoiding foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugars is essentials while you are doing any type of ab workouts. You can consider eating fresh fruit and vegetables a few times a day, to increase your metabolic rate. This will help the weight loss process and lose abdominal fat a lot quicker.

There are a wide variety of six pack ab workouts that you can try, one of the most popular is the "Renegade Rows" which is in fact one of my favorite and not only but it's very easy to do.

Get yourself into a push-up pose, holding one dumbbell your right hand and the other dumbbell in the left hand. This time you will not perform a push up but simply do an arm row and repeat with the other hand. You can combine this exercise with any other ab workout that you feel comfortable with.

Learn How to Get Six Pack Abs Fast With These Simple Ab Workouts

I am sure any man is looking to get six pack abs fast and this article will help started right away. Losing belly fat is not easy but it is possible if you follow the correct exercises and have a proper nutrition.

It is important that you always warm up before every session, it increases your blood circulation and prepares your muscles for the actual exercise. When you warm your body up you'll notice that you are able to handle the weights a lot easier and prevent possible injuries, therefore never forget this step.

The Ab Crunch

An easy exercise to get a six pack quick is the "Ab Crunch". You need a mat to perform this one. Lay on the mat with your knees slightly bent and the hands at the back of your head. Slowly lift your head up from the mat (8-10 inches) and hold it there for five seconds. (you should feel your muscles contract)

The Hanging Leg Raises

Another easy exercise that aids you achieve a quick six pack is the "Hanging Leg Raises" which is supposed to help you get rid of the excess fat on your stomach and build muscle at the same time on the lower abs which in fact is the hardest to build. Here how to perform this exercise: All you need is a chin up bar, grab it with your hands and slowly bring your feet to your waist area. You should feel your midsection muscles contract, keep your legs there for 5 seconds and release slowly. (Do 15 reps on each session).

Apart from these two exercises a proper nutrition is important to get a quick six pack. If you are serious about getting a firm and flat abdomen you should be doing these exercises at least 15 minutes each day and you will slowly accomplish your goals.

Joining a solid fitness program is another great way to lose belly fat and get six pack abs fast. One of the most popular fitness programs online is "The Truth About Six Pack Abs" by Mike Geary which you may want to give a try.

Easy Weight Loss Tips For Six Pack Abs Weight loss tips for six pack abs are in high demand according to Registered Dietitian Jayson Hunter. Losing belly fat isn't easy, but is pretty simple with the right diet plan. I recommend these proven weight loss tips for six pack abs. Follow these healthy eating guidelines to achieve six pack abs. More Resources Healthy Recipes: Done For Your Meal Plans for just $1. http

Six Pack Abs Formula - Upper & Lower Body - 2 DVD Set

  • six pack abs
  • fitness
  • home workout

Product Description
Six Pack Abs Expert, Arnel Ricafranca, reveals his most powerful and highly effective six pack abs workout program. This is a NO-BS approach to fat burning that doesn't require doing a single crunch.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.

This workout program is formulated to turn your body into a fat burning machine without any supplements or the use of expensive heavy health club equipment. This is the secret that health clubs, supp... More >>

Six Pack Abs Formula - Upper & Lower Body - 2 DVD Set

Ultimate Six Pack Abs Workout "Even 32 Counts"

Ultimate Six Pack Abs Workout "Even 32 Counts"

300 Spartan Workout Routine To Help You Get Six Pack Abs

Visit for the complete muscle building workout program and fat burning workout routines. 300 Spartan Training Workout. Home Version. This is my home version Spartan training that anyone can perform from home. The rules are simple. Perform the exercise shown in any order. Perform 30 reps for each one. Perform 30 reps per exercise. Complete a total of 300 reps combined. keyword meet the spartans, spartan, 300 workout, 300 training, 300 exercise, 300 program, spartan ...

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Brita 35557 Pitcher Replacement Filters, 6-Pack

Six Pack: How To Build Your Abs?

A six pack has often been looked on as an ideal compliment to a human body. While many individuals work night and day, trying in vain to develop their six pack, the main reason why they loose out is because they lack a strategy. A 6 pack is not difficult to develop and it can be achieved if you follow a systematic strategy. Taking cue from the above statement, let us now discuss the basic essentials which are required in developing a six pack abdominal muscle.

Burn Your Belly Fat

One of the main reasons why you fail to develop your six pack is because you have no idea as to how you can burn your belly fat. Six pack abs require that you burn your belly fat well in advance. There are various exercises for the same. For example, while trying to develop a six pack, you need to first burn your extra calories by indulging in a cardiovascular routine. Take a jog in the park early in the morning and then follow up in the evening with a ten minute "stair exercise". You may also like to use the skipping rope instead. If you follow this routine with care, you are certain to get a six pack in record time.

Drink Enough Water

The second most important reason why you cannot develop your abdominal muscle and keep wondering how to get a six pack is because your body lacks the required water content. Before you start to wonder whether water builds a six pack, let me tell you that in order to get a six pack, you need to keep your stomach free from slush. One of the main reasons why you develop fat over your belly is because your large as well as small intestines are filled with fecal matter which needs to be removed. If you drink water, you would be able to remove the plaque as well as eliminate the parasites which are infesting your abdominal wall. The moment your body is free from slush, it would automatically start to develop a 6 pack on its own.

Take Care Of Your Diet

In order to develop your abs, you need not starve yourself. Contrary to the popular belief that a six pack starts to show when you starve yourself and keep away from fats, the truth is that like any other muscle group, even your abs needs to be fed on a regular basis. You simply need to take care of what you eat. Instead of foods which are considered high on sugar content, you need to include those which have a high fiber content. Hence, try and eat sprouts, fruits, green leafy vegetables and avoid chocolates, colas and tea. Likewise, make sure you eat a meal which is rich in proteins immediately after your work on your abs.

Avoid Medications

While building your abs, you need to be very particular regarding your food intake. In case you are looking for a speedy development and are opting for steroids and other "over the counter" medications, you need to think twice. These drugs have harmful chemicals which can adversely affect your mental as well as physical health. Instead, try and choose a healthier option and make use of the available exercises and eat a normal diet.

Choose A Well Known Routine

The best way to earn your abs is through six pack exercises. While there are various kinds of exercise routines, most do not help in burning your belly fat. In order to benefit in an appropriate manner, you need to include a suitable abs training regime. You may try and look up the internet and choose one which is popular. Once you have a manual in hand which also has a time table for your abs development, you can achieve your goals with ease.

How To Quickly Get Six Pack Abs-Your Ultimate Guide

Six pack abs is definitely not something you can order in, take out of a box and put on for show. You need some extensive workout sessions in order to achieve that sculpted look, and these workout sessions would take both dedication and discipline. One of the most prevalent myths regarding six pack abs is that abdominal workouts (like crunches and horizontal leg lifts) are enough to get the desired outcome. This is rarely the case. Yes, abdominal workouts do help, and these are in fact essential; but subscribing only to the exercises will not get you that six pack abs in a hurry. If you want faster, more permanent results, here is one solid tip on how to get that musculature you have always wanted.

Lose the fat! Nothing can hinder your goal of acquiring those six pack abs, than that bouncing, jiggling lifesaver around your midsection. The thing is: you can hardly ever see a person with a perfectly sculpted tummy section carrying excess weight in the other parts of the body. More often than not, that sculpted abs is matched with a sculpted physique too. In order to build up musculature, it is essential that the existing fats in the body must be melted away first. Instead of going for the drastic (e.g. liposuction, obesity weight loss surgery, tummy tuck); try going for the organic. This means subscribing to a healthier diet, and exercising to achieve over all fitness.

If possible, try to get a dietician or nutritionist approved diet. Never (and we can not say this often enough) subscribe to the fad diets that are coming out, season by season. These fad diets may help you shed some serious pounds in the shortest time possible, but at the cost of putting your health in danger. Some of these diets are so extreme that your internal organs, particularly your heart, your liver and the muscles may not be able to keep up. If you want that six pack abs, you need to keep your internal organs healthy and your muscles in peak order. If you stick to diets that leave you weak or feeling ill, you are effectively throwing out your chances of getting that six pack abs. After all, how can you possibly exercise when your muscles (or the rest of your body, for that matter) are not cooperating with you? Stick to diets that promote overall well-being, preferably those that allow you to eat foods from all the basic food groups.

Choose exercise regimens that promoted whole body workout. Again, it is essential to have a sustainable abdominal muscle workout regimen – but this should not be the only thing you have on your agenda. Having a total body workout means that you can get rid of excess fats faster, which should make it easier for you to work those abs.

Diet and exercise should work hand in hand. Always make sure that both are being kept at a constant schedule. Exercise at a time that you find most convenient for your current lifestyle. However, make sure that you have slow carbohydrate burning meals before your workouts, and eat fast carbohydrate burning meals afterwards. This should help sustain the nutrients that your body needs. Stick to your allotted portions so as not to increase your body fat.

The Secret of Six-pack Abs

The Secret of Six-pack Abs

The Best Ab Workout for 6 Pack Abs

Men and women everywhere spend countless time and energy looking for the best ab workout they can find. Having a tight firm stomach has become something of a status symbol that denotes a healthy fit body. Getting a set of 6 pack abs does take work and dedication to the goal that is set.

Everyday there is not shortage of TV and internet advertisements that cater to this very need. Everything from fat burning, appetite suppressing pills and potions to the latest ab exercise machine that twists and turns your body into all sorts of pretzel shapes are being sold to the six pack crazed public these days. Those fitness models and other "beautiful people" they feature in those commercials probably didn't get those bodies using whatever it they are trying to sell. They worked hard to get their bodies in shape and they continue to live a healthy lifestyle to stay that way.

No matter how many ab specific exercises you do on those machines or doing 1000s of sit-ups and crunches you will never get those hard firm abs you've been looking for without making some changes to the way you eat and exercise. You can have a 6 pack but nobody will see it if it's hidden under a layer of fat.

That's right, the best ab workout doesn't just focus on the abdominal muscles but the health and fitness level of your entire body. By focusing on living a healthy lifestyle that includes eating right and doing a variety of different exercises that work the entire body you can have the type of abs you see on those commercials.

It will take some work and dedication to achieve that washboard stomach but the steps needed are actually quite simple, if you have the desire to do them. If anything just look at those fitness model in those commercials. They look that way because they made a conscious decision to get in shape.

The best ab workout to get a set of 6-pack-abs consists of the following three things.

1. A Healthy Diet - You are what you eat. That old saying is true in so many ways. Everything you eat or drink has an effect on your body, whether it be good or bad. The human body needs and demands certain forms of nutrients so that it can run at optimum efficiency. Giving it the nutrients and calories it needs will increase metabolism and burn away excess fat.

2. Weight Training - If you weight train you will naturally strengthen not just the muscles specific to the exercise you are doing but also your abdominals and lower back because these are the muscles that stabilize the body during any form of physical activity. It will also increase lean muscle mass which require large amounts of caloric energy just to maintain.

3. Aerobic Training - Aerobic or cardio exercise is a good way to burn excess calories and strengthen the entire cardiovascular system. Get out and take a walk, go for a bike ride, or any other form of activity that you enjoy doing.

Getting a set of six pack abs will take time, how much depends on what kind of shape you are currently in and how dedicated you are to that final goal. Just remember that the best ab workout is a combination of diet and exercise. By making healthy lifestyle choices you can have the body you always dreamed about.

How to Get Six Pack Abs : V Crunch Exercises for the Abs

Learn how to do exercises that work out the abdominal muscles, including how to do "V" crunches in this free video workout. Expert: Jacob Garcia Bio: Jacob Garcia is a certified personal trainer with both the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Filmmaker: Juan-Diego Garcia